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As a studio jeweler and object maker, I am inspired by natural movement. I enjoy taking that motion and creating something solid, then giving the piece new motion through mechanisms. My muse for this concept is birds and their flight dynamics. The structured repetition of their feather forms that cover delicate bones structures combine to create grace that defies gravity.

My goal is to capture the moment in that movement where the static form becomes fluid. In creating my work, I choose elements of natural forms and transform them. I accomplish this through geometric repetition, warping the form, or maximizing a single element. To fabricate this motion, I look to utilize the inherent properties of different materials to achieve the effect I am looking for. My newest work is created using SLS printing in Nylon which allows for pieces that are light yet strong with flexibility. This base is accentuated with silicon to create a higher flex point to emphasis movement and metal to create a more stable structure.

My overall goal as an artist is to create work that emphasizes the lines of the human body. I view the body as a canvas and enjoy taking full advantage of all the space we create. I consider each bodies movement and how that motion would affect my pieces as well as how the work would affect each wearer. I hope to instill a sense of confidence in drama for the wearers of my work that is made unique by dynamic movement and fluid forms.

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